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Patios & Steps

Our landscaping and patio services go beyond just laying a new patio for you. We are also experienced in hard landscaping (Fencing, Gravel, Edging & Walls) and can provide the following services;

Garden walls (natural stone walls, brick walls) and fences

Pathways, kerbs and edgings installations

Decorative textures (rockery, pebbles, cobbles, gravel, barks)
Turf laying
When we’re laying your new patio we guarantee to leave your garden clean and tidy.

We supply and install a range of different fencing panels including closeboard and picket fencing. 

Closeboard fencing is ideal for a back garden which requires more privacy as they are closed off and prevent other neighbours being able to look into your garden.   This is a popular type of fencing.  It makes it a safe area for pets and children to play in.  It is often important to people to have boundaries.

In addition, picket fencing is a very good option to be able to get a decorative and feature full look to your garden. They are commonly used in a front garden or around a flower bed to provide an attractive look to your home.

Again, having a fence to cordon off an area of your land shows the boundaries and protects your garden.


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