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About Tarmacadam

The material of tarmacadam consists of tar and broken stone and naturally is a dark coloured, bituminous material that can be laid on almost any surface with the right preparation. When compressed the broken stones are held together by the tar giving the look and finish of a long lasting and highly durable tarmacadam surface.

Resurfacing a driveway is the process of putting a new layer of tarmac over the existing layer, many properties can benefit from the fact that most existing tarmac and concrete drives can be overlaid with a new wearing course which means minimal disruption and fantastic cost advantages.

  • Cost-effective – less construction time and materials to reduce the stretch on your budget.

  • Faster construction time and less disruption to the road or pathway users.

  • An alternative to the use of geo-textiles.

  • A more sustainable option through thinner pavement design.

  • Can avoid the need for full depth reconstruction – not an option with block as it needs a full depth bedding layer.

  • Low voids reducing potential for water damage and improved durability – a common failing with block based products.

  • Is more resilient to deformation in poorly designed heavily trafficked areas

  • Cost comparative: Long-lasting, durable, and economic alternative to concrete products and blocks

  • For residential and lightly trafficked areas tarmac is a durable coloured alternative to traditional asphalt.  It is a direct alternative for block paving systems


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Colours & Styles

Tarmac doesn't always come in black. It can also come in many different colours which can be very effective to create markers or highlight different areas or sections. It is of excellent use in school playgrounds to provide vibrant colours and create optional play areas. Tarmac surfaces/surfacing is the customers choice for their driveway.